Apparently you all liked my last short story, and I rather enjoyed watching it, so today I’m writing another one! I hope that you like it! It’s a little different of a story … but still fun, nevertheless. πŸ™‚


Jessamine ran through the woods, twigs whipping her arms and face. The warm trickle of blood trickled from various wounds. She tripped and her heavy velvet dress ripped, creating a loud taring noise.

Ahead of her, Jessamine could see her brother, Jackson, ruffling his hair with his hands.

“Jackson,” she shrieked.

Jackson looked up, slightly annoyed. “What is it. And what did you do to your gown?” But after another second of a disapproving glare, he let loose a smirk. “Were you chasing pixies again?”

Exasperated, Jessamine halted to a stop, her brogue boots tripping over rocks. “No, it’s-”

But she was cut off by a loud crashing coming from behind her. It was still a distances away … but not near enough for Jessamine to feel safe.

“That,” she finished.

A shadow briefly crossed over Jackson’s face. But just as soon as it came, it disappeared. “That’s one heck of a pixie, eh?”

“No, Jackson, no. You need to listen to me.” Jessamine grabbed her brother’s shoulders – having to reach up slightly – and gripped hard. “We’re surrounded on all sides.”

“Excellent – now we can attack on all sides!”

“No!Β No! They’re coming .. and … and…”

Next came the roar, hot and breathy. It cracked trees right from the base of their trunks; sparks igniting some of the leaves.

“Jackson, this is serious.”

Jackson, his doublet scorched and torn, gaze out at the carnage. Maybe, just maybe he would grasp how serious this was…

“They’re coming closer – now we won’t need to walk quite the distance.”

Nope, of course not.

With another crashing sound, Jessamine’s hands slipped from Jackson’s shoulders, and one found Jackson’s forearm, squeezing it from with a vise-like grip.

The first scaly, reptilian head peeked over the smolder treeline. It’s head bucked back and let out a tortured roar and charged.

“Dragons,” Jessamine whispered.