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The others laughed at the memory, but I didn’t have that memory. My mood suddenly plummeted, and now I really wanted to hold Alla’s hand, just so I could get a dose of “fake” happiness.

β€œAnyways, James’s turn,” Alla announced.

I turned to look at James.

James looked down briefly, before looking back up at me. His eyes had a greenish look to them, more than his normal green eyes.

β€œWhat’s up with his eyes?” I whispered to Colleen Ada.

β€œAsk him yourself.”

I turned back to James. β€œSo, what exactly do you do? Or, are doing?”

A familiar smile spread across James’s slender face. β€œI have some vision powers; x-ray, heating and freezing stares – to a certain extent – telescopic, night vision, etc.”

I only knew what half of those were.

β€œThat’s great.”

His smile widened, and he nodded. James looked at the window, and ice crystals formed on the window. Once it was completely frozen, he looked down again. When he looked back up, his eyes were once again their mischievous normal.

β€œAndy, do you want to go next?” I asked.

β€œWhy not?” Andy sighed before continuing. β€œPaige, could you hand me that pillow?”

Paige reached behind herself and pulled out a throw pillow. She handed it to Andy.

β€œWhat are you going to do?” I questioned.

β€œShh!” Colleen Ada shushed me. β€œAndy needs to concentrate.”

Andy closed his eyes and placed his hand on the pillow. Seconds later, there was a popping noise and the pillow started to disintegrate. Like, literally disintegrate.

β€œWow!” I breathed, but I quickly shut my mouth when I remembered Colleen Ada’s warning.

β€œIt’s okay, he’s done,” Alla said.

Andy opened his eyes, and let the disintegrated pillow run through his fingers.

I scooted a little farther away from him and made a mental note to never again make Andy mad.

β€œAnd that leaves you, Paige,” I said nervously. After seeing disintegration and emotion control, I wasn’t sure what Paige’s would be, but I was sure it would be scary.

Paige brushed back a strand of her blonde hair that fell from the ponytail, then a smug grin crossed her face.

β€œWhat?” Once again, that question failed me.

She turned her face upwards and she squeezed her eyes shut; her grin turned into a full-fledged smile. The lights began to flicker, and then went out. Leaving me in the dark with five superpowerd teenagers. Not a fun scenario considering most of them could kill me in seconds.

Then I saw a light, like when you rub two blankets together in the dark. What was it called? Static. It grew until it was the size of a basketball and illuminated Paige’s face, eyes closed and smile gone in concentration.

Then the static ball disappeared faster then it appeared, and the light returned.

β€œWhat. Was. That?” My grin nearly went all the way around my head.

Paige let out a gasp, before her grin came again. β€œI can somewhat control electricity.”

β€œYou guys are so freaking awesome!” I said louder then I intended.

β€œShh!” Colleen Ada chastised, but she was grinning like crazy, as well.

β€œSo, what’s your ability?” Alla asked.

“Can’t you tell me what you think it is? Since you can sense others’ abilities?”

Alla frowned. “No, I’m notΒ thatΒ good. Yet. So what is it, then?”

β€œI-I don’t know.”

β€œWhat do you mean you don’t know?” James asked. β€œAre you not an abilitized?”

β€œJames,” Colleen Ada said, but her eyes held the same question.

Everyone scooted back a bit when I didn’t answer.

β€œI’m not sure. Dr. Eugene says he still hasn’t figured out what it is yet.”

β€œBut you are abilitized?” Paige asked, her guard was back up again.

β€œI think so, but I’m not entirely sure.”

Alla concentrated for a second “Yes, he is. I could feel it when I touched him. At least, I think…” Her confidence seemed to have greatly depleted.

β€œOh. Well, I’m ready for bed,” Paige said. She gathered up all the cards, stood up, and left.

β€œI think it is time we go to bed too,” James agreed. He and all the others, save Andy, left.

Why were they so against me if I was just normal? It was almost as if … Almost as if they were afraid.

β€œWhy’d everyone leave so quickly?” I asked Andy. I didn’t want to be disintegrated like the pillow, but I just had to ask. Still, I kept my distance from him.

Andy shrugged, but his face told a different story. β€œI dunno. But I should head to bed as well.” Andy went to his room and I heard the door lock.

Seeing no other choice, I went to bed as well. Though I couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me. I kept mulling over what had gone on this evening.

They all had opened up, even Paige and Andy, but they wanted to get as far away from me as they could when the chance that I was normal entered the realm of possibility. But why?

I badly wanted to ask them, but with their powers – some that could kill me – I wasn’t so sure I was in the position to do the asking. Maybe I could ask Colleen Ada or Alla, their powers, er, abilities, at least couldn’t kill me. I hoped.

I chewed on these thoughts and ideas until my brain finally fell asleep from the exhaustion of over thinking.

I once again awoke to Andy’s poke and his pale face looming over me.

β€œIs it morning already?” I groaned. I was not a morning person. Nor a night person.

Andy nodded and turned to leave. He took a few steps towards the door, then turned back to me. β€œYou won’t tell Dr. Eugene about last night … will you?” Was that fear in his voice?

β€œAbout the pillow? Or about breaking the rules?”

β€œBoth. And … we aren’t suppose to use our abilities unless we’re training.”

Yes. Definitely fear.

β€œI won’t.” His blue eyes still held worry. β€œI promise.”

Satisfied, though he still looked scared, Andy left.

Maybe Clara was right and Dr. Eugene really wasn’t good…

No. My friends – yes, they were definitely my friends – wouldn’t be working for the bad guy. Could they?

I shook my head and rolled out of bed, stumbling from sleepiness. I closed and locked the door. I pulled off yesterday’s clothes that I had fallen asleep in, and put on another pair of jeans and a dark purple long sleeve t-shirt.

My phone said that it was only seven, but I decided to go to the dining room anyways. I left my room, Andy’s instrumental music once again blaring, and headed for the main house.

Paige was once again in the kitchen. And wait, was that breakfast pizza?

I stepped beside Paige and asked, β€œIs that breakfast pizza?”

Paige jumped, and for a moment I thought she’d run me through with electricity. Thankfully, she didn’t.


One look at her face told me that her guard was back up and nothing I could do, nothing, would bring it back down as the night prior.

And there you go, guys! Everyone’s powers – except our dear little Sawyer’s. Any speculations on what his might be? And any idea as to what tomorrow’s (hopefully) post will be?? I’d love to hear your thoughts! And what’s your favorite power?? I happen to love a power that has yet to be introduced… πŸ˜‰