So this uber exciting post is just … me explaining the powers that you’ve stumbled across so far, if you’ve kept up to date ย with my fun superhero serial story Broken Reflections (which I conveniently have the link to right HERE).

I’m sorry if this doesn’t clear anything up at all, but instead only muddles things up. But it’s just past midnight on a school night, and I’m quite the tired morning person. So I haven’t really read over this again. Oops.

Anyways, I hope that you all enjoy this! I had SO much fun researching the different powers back when I was beginning BR (and even now!) and figuring out which would be the most likely.

You’d better like it. Or else. I’m just kidding. Maybe. ๐Ÿ˜›

Colleen Ada

First off the bat, I’d like to say that she CANNOT CONTROL portrait-of-confidential-redheaded-teenage-girl-fcgw9jEMOTION. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Say there’s this kid who’s always snappish and unpleasant to be around. And say that Colleen Ada got near enough to him (more on that in a second), then she could amplify that feeling so that he’s outraged. She’s kind of like an emotion amplifier.

And while she CAN “GIVE” you emotion, it’s a lot harder than, say, she gets inside of your head and uses the emotion that is your default. If you are always happy? That’s the easiest. Sad? Sadness can easily be manipulated. And since Colleen Ada isn’t TOO powerful (…yet…), she can only do your main few emotions. But, of course, with practice, she can dig deep inside of you and get out those little Mindy Kaling from the angriest people (hahahahaha, I just put an Inside Out reference in there, since it seemed appropriate!).

Now, as I said, Colleen Ada isn’t the most powerful yet, so physical touch DEFINITELY 3220816bf81b4bc72769317fc52a2507helps. It kind of … roots her to the person. So the closer, the most powerful. But, ideally, once she practices more, she can do it from a decent bit aways.

Also, some emotions are not “technical” emotions. Like in BR #20, when Colleen Ada amplifies compassion in Sawyer (sorry … spoilers). Pity and jealousy and even laziness, to some extent, can all be considered emotions. So, yeah. Colleen Ada could get to be quite the powerful little girl. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But lastly, when she manipulates and emotion, it has this aura of “fakeness” to it. Like in Hunger Games when a memory is “shiny.” If you dig deep enough, you’ll find that something is off.


african-american-teenage-girl-listening-music-royalty-free-stock-image-jbkoaf-clipartAlla, my little dear. (I just love her name, by the way. :D) She has enhanced senses. Which is just as it appears in title.

She is probably one of the more realistic “superpowers”from this story. Enhanced senses gives her better sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell. And some other “sixth” senses. But little known to many people, most persons have more than the “five” senses. (I’m so clever, looking it up on Wikipedia. XD ) You also have pain, sense of time and direction, balance, etc.

So, in that sense, if she skins her knee, then it’ll hurt a whole heck of a lot worse. She could walk a tightrope and have superb balance. You get lost or loose your watch? Alla can help you out.

Now, Alla can’t tell you the exact second, or if the icebergs are melting, but she can do better than your “average Joe.”screen320x480

Alla, as said in BR #20 (yeah … self promotion. So what?), she can sense the different molecules in food. Well … it’s a little more complex than that. Yes, to an extent she can. But she wouldn’t be able to tell you the number of molecules in a banana (Sawyer’s probably a lot closer, since he’s a biology geek).

Another inresesting fact about her is that she can see more colors than the normal person. With her enhanced senses, she has this rare, rare, RARE thing called a fourth cone in her eyes. HERE‘s a short article on it.

So Alla’s a pretty neat lil’ chick.


2000RSC-01James, James, James.

Now, in my opinion, he’s one of the more complex powers. Because, well, his was one of the least thought-out of them all. I just spontaneous gave it to him, and have yet to work out all the kinks. (I actually thought about giving him umbrakinesis afterwards, but it really didn’t fit with his upbeat personality.)

So he has enhanced eyes. Okay, so, not like Alla’s. At all.

He has this kind of freeze-vision. I’m not sure if I’ll keep that. But whatever. It’s very, very weak, but still can be kinda handy when your ice cream starts to melt. Same with heating, it’s very down-low, but if you want some quick popcorn…

He also has x-ray vision, to some extent. Now, he’s not like a lot of comic book heroes that you’re probably thinking of, but he still can see some. Everything’s incredibly blurry (which, by default, increases his natural eyesight), but with the proper training, I’m sure that that can be fixed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So he can “see” through stuff, but only through about two feet. After that, things become hazy.

We’re gonna pretend that this isn’t a girl…

Along with those three, our resident jester has the ability to be telescopic and night vision. Seeing an eclipse is no problem for this fellow, especially when you combine the two.

Now, if you think of an eye-related ability, he probably has it. But with having so many different abilities, it comes with the price of him not being very skilled in any of them (and with barely a chance to continue to get better at them). And headaches. Lots of headaches.


0952e410d179cdafcb0abf84950c0584Paige, our little friendly darling. She can not conjure electricity, but can manipulate it. No creation for her.

So … Paige can have hundreds of currents of electricity (I think that that’s a lot?? XD ) through her body, and only feel a slight tingle. Okay, more than I slight tingle. It hurts. But she obviously doesn’t have too much problem-wise.

Along with being able to be tortured by electrocution (or … executed by electric chair???), she can, as I said, channel electricity. Like in the most recent BR (I know, I know), when the lights went out and she held a static-electricity looking like ball, she was channeling the electricity through her body and into the space between her hands.

Now she can just BAM! make it appear where she wants it to be, but she has to have it course through something, be it the floorboards or a wire, or sometimes even the air.electric_elle_bishop_by_pushok_12

It can be quite the painful business, sometimes. Just small parlor tricks are preformed, she doesn’t feel much. But if she, say, cut the power out of a whole house, then it would hurt like crazy. Since she can’t create electricity – and therefore end it, too – then the electricity has to go somewhere. Usually she can just course it to somewhere, but there are times when she has to hold it inside her body, and that can be quite painful.


photoAnd lastly, Andy Ericsson.

His power is a … little hazy.

So he can disintegrate. Big deal. Well, actually, yes, it is. Paige can channel electricity, Colleen Ada can take pre-existent emotions and manipulate them, etc. But Andy … he destroys, not edits.

Anyways. He disintegrates. Destroys. It has to be an organic material – the more organic, the better. Well, not organic. But those are easier. Man-made materials such as fabric or jello is medium. But tough material/matter like sheet of metal or even gems, can be quite tough.

Andy’s touch creates a reaction among the molecules in something (or organisms … but that’s something a little different) that eats it away … almost like an acid or fire. But the more organic the material, the more it’s like a radioactive burn. Can you see how it’s a little complicated?05

If Andy were to touch a tomato plant (what … I love them), then it would sort of smolder and turn to ash. But if Andy had a sleeping bag (I’m in one right now), then it would disintegrate. Touching people causes severe burns, and even slowly turning to ash.

Okay, technically, it’s not ash. It’s leftover matter. But whatever. He’s dangerous, and that’s all that matters. (Get it? Matter – matters??? XD Goodness, I’m hilarious!)

And his power, at times, can be VERY difficult to control.

So there you go, guys! A sort of … conglomeration of the things swirling around in my brain! I hope that you’ve enjoyed this! Please comment if you need clarification, on what your favorite power is (listed AND not), and just to say hi! See y’all!