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Should I ask it? No.

β€œSo why did you all leave early last night?”

Why? Why did I have to say that?

She looked at me for a moment. Her blue eyes looked sad. She sighed, then went back to her pizza. β€œLast time a non-abilitized came, let’s just say, it didn’t end to well for him.”

β€œWhat do you mean?”

Stop asking! You don’t really want to know!

Without looking at me, she responded. β€œHe disappeared. Well, Dr. Eugene wiped his mind completely, first. Though he didn’t tell us.”


Oh my goodness! Shut up, mouth!

With a frustrated sigh, Paige turned to me. I rarely met people my age who were shorter then me, but Paige was. But she still frightened me terribly, that sad, angry look in her eyes.

β€œYou really don’t want to know.”

β€œActually, I kinda do.”

I give up! You are hopeless, Self!

β€œDr. Eugene has friends. That’s all I’m going to say. Now you might as well set the table, that’ll make Dr. Eugene happy.”

I finally decided that I wasn’t going to get anything more from Paige Sark, so I did as she asked and set the table.

β€œSo you do this three times a day every day?” I asked once I had finished my chore.

Paige nodded.

β€œSo, electricity, huh?”

β€œSsh! Dr. Eugene can’t know about last night!”

β€œAndy said the same thing.”

β€œWell it’s true. Now go and sit down. And don’t make any noise, I don’t want to even know that you’re there.”

β€œFine, fine,” I said, throwing my hands up in surrender, and sat down in the now familiar folding chair.

I waited for awhile, half an hour, maybe – just me and my thoughts. Until, that is, Paige brought in the freshly baked pizza. I started to reach for it, but Paige slapped my hand, not hard, but it still stung. She sat in a chair as away from me as possible. Minutes later the rest came in. No one would look at me, not even Alla or James, which meant that they were all really mad at me, or they were all scared. Or something.

Dr. Eugene seemed to notice something was wrong, but he didn’t say anything. He just gestured for us to eat.

I love breakfast pizza, and Paige’s was amazing. But oddly, it didn’t taste as good as the plain pancakes. The reason was there was no laughter or joy going around the table. Now instead, it was somber and gloomy. I kinda wanted to ask Colleen Ada to lighten the mood, but I didn’t dare.

About half way through the meal, Dr. Eugene broke the silence.

β€œToday’s training day.”

No one said anything; no noise. They barely looked up.

β€œNo reaction? Paige and Andy, usually you two groan.” Dr. Eugene demonstrated to make his point. β€œAnd James, Alla, and Colleen Ada, usually you three are all excited.”

No response.


I decided to humor Dr. Eugene. β€œWhat’s training day?” That earned an eye roll from Andy sitting across from me.

β€œThank you for asking, Sawyer,” Dr. Eugene had said. If I didn’t know him, at a glance and a brief conversation I would’ve mistaken Dr. Eugene for the fun uncle I never had.

I nodded and he continued.

β€œIt’s a day three times a month where I teach everyone how to control their abilities, or in your case, try to find them. Anyways, I assume you’ve already found out about everybody’s abilities, no?” Dr. Eugene gave us all a pointed look. Still no response. β€œFine! I give up! Everybody except Sawyer give me the cold shoulder!”

I didn’t want to be the one allying with the “enemy,” or so it seemed right now, but it was to late to change my alliance now.

β€œIf your all just going to sit there like dead zombies, we might as well get to training,” Dr. Eugene announced.

Everyone except for Dr. Eugene and me got up as one. I tried to do it with them, but it was a pitiful effort. Paige seemed to lead the group, so I followed her. We walked around to the back of the house, then stopped.

Dr. Eugene caught up with us. β€œSo, who’s going first?”

β€œI’ll go,” Alla said, breaking the cold shoulder she’d been giving Dr. Eugene, and me, the whole morning.

β€œThank you, Alla.”

Dr. Eugene and Alla went down into a storm cellar, the double doors clatter after them. James, Paige, Colleen Ada, and Andy all plopped to the grass, so I did the same.

Though Dr. Eugene seemed harmless, I couldn’t help ponder the reason why a teenage girl went alone with an older man into a cellar, but before I could ask, I lost my nerve.

I observed the others.

James and Colleen Ada started talking quietly amongst themselves; Paige began twirling her fingers into the knee high grass and snapping it repeatedly; Andy laid down and closed his eyes.

β€œUm, what are you guys doing?”

I was surprised when Paige answered. β€œDr. Eugene trains an hour with us separately, half in the morning, half in the afternoon.”

β€œThen why don’t you just go back to your TVs and computers?”

Colleen Ada supplied, β€œBecause Dr. Eugene wants us to learn patience.”

β€œWell this is a stupid way to learn it,” I groaned. I laid on my back like Andy, and watched the white clouds drift lazily in the sky. I sat up. β€œI’m bored.”

β€œWell you’ve still got a lot of waiting to do,” Andy said, not bothering to open his eyes.

β€œUgh.” I laid down again and closed my eyes. I kinda wished that Clara would come so that something interesting would happen. But then again, I didn’t want to explain why I was talking to midair.

An hour later Alla finally came out.

β€œDr. Eugene says it’s Andy’s turn.”

Andy didn’t budge.

β€œAndy?” Alla asked. No response. Alla kicked his shoe. β€œWake up.”

β€œWhat?” Andy asked, sitting up.

β€œYour turn,” I answered.

β€œOh.” He got to his feet and went down into the cellar.

β€œAlla, how was it?” I asked, eager for some kind of conversation.

Alla opened her mouth to say something, but Paige cut her off. β€œWe’re not aloud to talk about anything that goes on during training.”

β€œWhy? That’s just stupid.”

β€œIf one of us gets better while the others don’t, there won’t be any hard feelings or competition.”

Okay, that was …Β kinda smart.

I stared up at the clouds and Alla laid down a few feet from me and stared up as well.

β€œSawyer, what do you think your ability will be?” Alla asked conversationally. As an afterthought she added, β€œThat is, if you do have an ability.”

β€œHonestly, I’m not sure.”

There you go, guys! No powers for Sawyer … yet. >:D What are all of your favorite breakfast foods? Do you have any speculations on Sawyer’s power? Let me know in the comments down below!!! XD