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March 2017

In the Catacombs

Another post! Yay me! Anyways. Here's a (longer) short story that I wrote for school. I was reading about early Christianity and I was suppose to write a short story about someone who had lost a dear friend due to... Continue Reading →

Broken Reflections — The Arm

Aaaaaaaand we're back with ANOTHER Broken Reflections (part 24)! Are you new? Check out all of the previous parts HERE. And believe me, you'll wanna read this part, because, you know, something cool might just be revealed. *wink* *wink* :P... Continue Reading →

Ocean Eyes

OH MY GOODNESS, GUYS. I opened up my blog this morning (after the weekend), and lo and behold, I saw that I have ONE HUNDRED AND FREAKING FOUR FOLLOWERS. That's, like, six or so more followers than before! You guys... Continue Reading →

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