I opened up my blog this morning (after the weekend), and lo and behold, I saw that I have ONE HUNDRED AND FREAKING FOUR FOLLOWERS.

That’s, like, six or so more followers than before! You guys are the best! *hugs and lemons to all* Ahem. I like lemons.

So today I’m doing a (very) short story for all of you! Actually, this picture was from one of my storyboards on Pinterest, but I thought that I’d use it. I hope that you all enjoy, and please comment your thoughts down below!


Anna sat on the sand, her knees pulled to her chest with her cheek against them. The moon was nearly set, and nobody was on the rocky shores with her.

The glowing jellyfish bobbed up and down with the current, the moon causing the ebb-and-flow motions.

Anna’s imagination was filled with the deep waters that she had left behind all those months ago. She could feel them calling to her; calling to her to come home.

Her eyelids fluttered and visions of light knifing through the deep blue waters hovered on the back of her lids.

As Anna drifted off to sleep, the waves carried her away.

So it’s pretty short, but, you know… 😉 What has been your favorite short story of mine? I’d love to know! And also, how many of you have visited the ocean (and which one)?? Comment below, please! And thanks again!