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Alla closed her eyes, and slowed her breathing. β€œSo I take it flight isn’t your ability?”

I shook my head, but I saw that her eyes were still closed. I gave a small, controlled chuckle. β€œNo, I guess not.”

Pain flared again, enveloping my whole body. I clenched my teeth even harder. This pain was the worst yet.

β€œJust relax,” Alla told me, gripping my hand a little tighter. Quietly she added, β€œI need to concentrate.”

I nodded and calmed slightly as some of the pain slightly eased. The next time the pain came, it was dulled, which I was very thankful for. I tried to stay as still as possible while Alla held my hand, which was a little awkward.

At least, for me it was.

Finally Alla released my hand and her eyes fluttered open.

β€œI think I actually know what it is,” Alla told Dr. Eugene as she jumped to her feet.

5421111f774539a6a5ecc02ae5ce1d8fI climbed to mine, though at a much slower rate. β€œWhat do you mean, ‘actually’?”

Alla turned back to me. β€œAbilities are very hard to control, and I’ve only been training for roughly four years.”

Four years? Just how long did it take to control abilities?

β€œAnd for me, sensing abilities is really, really hard. Like, really hard.”

She’d tried it before?

β€œBut yours was like a beacon, despite you not knowing, which makes it harder for me to sense. Which is why ,at first, I wasn’t sure if you were an abilitized or not.”

β€œNow, Alla. Don’t tell him everything,” Dr. Eugene chided.

Alla bowed her head. β€œOf course, Dr. Eugene.”

Dr. Eugene nodded in approval. β€œCome. We shall discuss this for the rest of Sawyer’s hour.”

As Dr. Eugene and Alla headed off to one of the doors, I stood there awkwardly.

When the two were at a door, Dr. Eugene turned to me and said, as if an afterthought, β€œYou may go.”

With that, Dr. Eugene opened the door, and held it open for Alla. With a final, sympathetic look at me, Alla went into the room – Dr. Eugene following.

Not sure what else to do, I walked to the stairs, my arm still in pain, but not near to the extent it had been earlier. I mounted the stairs, and pushed the doors with my good arm.

Not bothering to close the cellar doors, I collapsed next to Andy, where he still lay, eyes closed.

β€œYour done already?” Andy asked,not bothering to even crack his eyelids o

β€œSawyer! Your arm!” Colleen Ada cried.

As if I didn’t know.

β€œWhat happened?” James asked, crawling through the grass to my side.

I shrugged, but winced from the effort. β€œI think I broke it.”

Colleen Ada came next to me as well. β€œDoes it hurt?” A frown flicked across from her face, realizing how stupid the question sounded.

I looked down to my arm and saw that the color was no longer black, but was a light blue; and it was no longer twisted funny, but rather almost back to normal.

If I hadn’t been sitting, I would’ve jumped. β€œIt’s-it’s looking better!”

β€œIt doesn’t look good to me,” Colleen Ada said, her face showing concern.

Andy finally opened his eyes and crawled over. β€œYeah, it looks painful.”

β€œYeah, I didn’t notice.”

β€œYou’re in pretty good humor for just breaking an arm,” James commented.

β€œWell it doesn’t hurt so much now. Like, it hurt really badly, then, like, a needle prick. Then it’d go back and forth. Now it doesn’t hurt too much.”

β€œThat’s odd,” Colleen Ada said. She zoned, like she was deep in thought.819923fce49e8493f6273fc497f3c8e4

I nodded.

β€œWhere’s Alla?” James asked.

β€œShe was talking with Dr. Eugene for the rest of my hour. Dr. Eugene had Alla try to find out what my ability is,” I explained.

β€œOh, I see.”

The four of us sat there in silence. After a few moments, Colleen Ada let out a gasp.

β€œWhat?” I asked.

β€œYour arm!”

I glance down at it. My arm was completely normal, except for a greenish undertone. Long, skinny, and pale.

β€œWhat? How?” I asked, confused.

β€œThat must be your ability!” James exclaimed.

β€œWhat is?”

β€œHealing, duh!”

I gave that a moment to sink in. Healing. Not too bad for an ability, at least I didn’t get another pair of arms, or six more eyes, or something. Still, it wasn’t as cool as Paige’s, or Andy’s – or even Alla’s.

I admit, I felt disappointment. Jealousy.

β€œWhy didn’t it heal my arm last time it broke? I was in a cast for a month. Do I get abilities suddenly, or something?”

Colleen Ada appeared deep in thought. β€œNo, abilitized always have abilities. I don’t know. You’ll have to ask Dr. Eugene.”

β€œAsk him what?” Paige asked, walking to us.

Everyone’s mouths clammed shut. Except mine.

β€œWhere have you been?”

β€œBathroom. Now, tell Dr. Eugene what?”

β€œWe figured out my ability,” I explained. Part of me didn’t want to tell Paige about my gift of healing. Healing, though helpful, was such a lame ability.

β€œAnd what is it?” Paige asked, plopping to the ground in front of me in a somehow graceful manner.

β€œHealing,” I murmured, half hoping she couldn’t hear me.

Paige’s eyebrows arched up. β€œReally? That’s…”


β€œNo, cool. Just you wait until you get an injury, then you’ll be happy for your ability.”

β€œThe healing process didn’t make me happy. It was highly painful.”

Paige’s eyebrows rose even higher. β€œSo you’ve experienced your healing before?”

I nodded, then went on to tell Paige about my broken arm. Then Colleen Ada decided to speak and said about the oddity of my first broken arm not healing.

β€œThat’s … odd,” Paige said finally.

I nodded.

β€œHey,” Colleen Ada said softly, gently touching my still exposed arm. Calm swept over me, no doubt thanks to Colleen Ada’s ability. β€œIt’ll be fine. Healing is one of the most useful abilities there is.”

3d7598934181b0fac800f32a7bffa910β€œThanks,” I murmured. Colleen Ada must’ve picked up the fact that I was feeling discouraged.

β€œYou’ll be fine!” Colleen Ada assured, and I felt belonging rushing through me, though no amount could fix the amount of uselessness running through me.

β€œYeah, healing is pretty wimpy,” James said. β€œEverybody seems to have it. And look at them! They’re the ones who always end up bored and alone Β and watching And Griffith reruns.”

β€œJames!” Colleen Ada scolded, elbowing James in the ribs. Hard.

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