Hey guys! So, I’m going to make this quick.

So, sorry about the absence of posts. Buuuut, it probably won’t get any better for the first part of next month. And here come the excuses.

The first week I was sick. And, oddly, whenever I get sick, I get a little bit of every symptom. Ugh.

And then this week, our youth group had a fundraiser for our summer mission trip, and we had a TON of rehearsals this week, plus the actual show. I actually only got home an hour ago. I was in the kitchen from probably 1-7 (maybe an hour off in the beginning for rehearsals), and then I did my first time acting (there were only four hundred people … so no biggie…). Jess and I held props (the tarp) for some of our teen guys doing synchronized swimming. Lastly, along with at least half of the youth group, we did an (energetic) dance to 24 Carat Magic by Bruno Mars. And the whole day was muuuuurder.

^ That was our base video for the sync. swimming. No speedoes, of course, and we all tried very hard to fight for the shark … but alas, no. (We even had a guy volunteer to dress up as a shark. 😉 )
Anyways. So there are my excuses.

As for why posts will be sporadic next month? I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m aiming for 60k in the first half of April … so actually, I might actually post, knowing procrastinating me. 🙂

So that was my quick little update. Don’t worry, Sawyer and Co. aren’t dead. Yet. >:D And I have a few more short stories cooking up. 😉

(Yeah, I know that most of this post was me complaining, but hey. :D)