I pace my room. Run my fingers through my heavily greased hair. Sit down on my bed. Begin to pace the stone floor again.

It’s no use.

The curtains are drawn to a near close, the small sliver between the two heavy draperies providing me a slight view of the oncoming people. Family. Yay.

The sun dances on my skin, raising slight tingles. My skin, now, no longer holds that olive tone to it, but instead has taken on more of a sallow look – the product of rarely leaving my room the whole Christmas break.


I sigh a very deep sigh. Mother. I haven’t told her yet.

Well, no use delaying it any more.

Another comb through of my hair with my fingers, which I’m sure messes up the carefully greased hair that took me over an hour to perfect. Or two.

I impulsively lean towards the mirror that hands on the back of my door, before I remember that I had taken it down the week before.

Taking out the comb from my back pocket, I run it through my dark hair a few times, until I hope that it comes out as something decent-looking.

A sigh.

A straighten of my suit.

The short trip out of my room, through the hall, and down the stairs is a torturous one. I practice what I will tell Mother. Well, I try, anyways.

As soon as I step off of the bottom step, Grandmother surrounds me. She hugs and kisses me, while I try to politely get away.

“Alessandro!” Mother calls. She’s only a few feet away, though turned away from me.

“Oh, shush, Natalie,” Grandmother scolds. “The boy’s right here.”

Mother rushes to my side and straightens my suit. She’s wearing her pretty white dress that’s covered in roses.

“Mother, can I-”

But Uncle Leonard interrupts me, and I can’t finish. Mother holds up her finger and goes off with her brother.

While I wait for Mother, I look at the table of food longingly. My favorite garlic breadsticks are in a pretty basket on the table. Aunt Maria always outdoes herself.

I take in a whiff of the bread, and felt my body twitch. I shudder, and turn away. The mirror hanging over the other end of the table stares back at me. But … I’m not in there; not looking back at me.

I am a vampire.


Yeah, a little short, but I just couldn’t help myself. 🙂 Also, writing in 1st person is always kind of hard for me … though I’m not sure why. So I keep getting the different tenses mixed up on accident… Anyways. I hope that you liked it! Maybe inspired some of you to write this book? (‘Cause I’d totally read it.) And see? I’m already stalling. 😉 Talk to you in the comments!