Well, guys, I’m finally posting another BR!!! Yay!!

New? Broken Reflections is my blog serial that follows a teenage boy who just discovered a world of superheroes. You can find all of the previous parts HERE. Yes, there are 24 previous parts. Eek.

Anyways. This is part 25 (my gravy!), and I hope that you all enjoy and comment!

James let out a yelp, and after a smoldering look from Colleen Ada, he changed his statement. “I mean, that’s awesome, man! You’re, like, practically invincible.”

Yeah, practically. Guys, thanks for trying to help me cheer up, but I’m just not feeling into it,” I said, letting out a sigh.

What are you complaining about?” Andy burst out. He had been so quiet I’d nearly forgotten about him. “For years I’ve destroyed everything I touched! I was homeless after destroying my home! I’ve sent countless people to the hospital with burn wounds! And you’re complaining about having healing?”

After Andy’s outburst, his face was fire red. I glanced around at everyone else’s faces, and saw that they were all looking down.

I knew I should try to say something to redeem myself, but it didn’t exactly come out that way. “So …you burn people?”11f6b2007600d2e1c1f2e77d999b2680

Andy let out a frustrated sigh. “When I touch organic things, they only burn. So if I touch a person briefly, it’d burn them. But if I held on long enough, it could give them a really bad burn. Satisfied? Maybe after I hurt everyone you could heal them.”

Andy turned away from us, and pulled his knees to his chest.

I guess if I can heal others, it isn’t so bad … if I can do that,” I said, but even I cringed at how lame my words sounded.

But it was too late.

We all sat in an uncomfortable silence, each with their own thoughts, eyes averted to the ground. After awhile, the silence became more comfortable, and we all began to relax more.

The cellar doors banged open, and Alla and Dr. Eugene came out.

Lunch time,” Dr. Eugene announced.

We all nodded and stood up. I walked to Alla’s side as we walked around the house and to the porch.

So you’ve decided on healing as my ability?” I asked.

Alla hesitated, then nodded.

Why the hesitation?

What’s the matter?”

Well,” Alla said, dropping her voice. I had to lean in so I could hear. “I … just wasn’t suppose to tell you that, that’s all.”


Dr. Eugene and the five of us filed into the house. We passed through the kitchen, a wonderful, yet unnamed, aroma filled the air. In the dining room, Paige was already sitting down, expertly flipping a fork through her fingers.

I took a seat in my folding chair, the smell of spicy chili wafting temptingly from a giant pot at the center of the table.

Dr. Eugene used a ladle, and poured a decent amount into his bowl, then everyone else dug in, me once again last. Then I noticed that Alla, who was sitting beside me, was spooning soup from a different bowl from the rest of us, some kind of vegetable soup.

Alla seemed to notice me looking. “Vegetarian.”

d40de69e8f7ddb7071e9a0cbf153572dAh.” I nodded, though I didn’t understand. Who would choose to be vegetarian? Or for a matter-of-fact, who could be forced? No meat? I’d rather die.

A smile graced Alla’s lips, as if she could read my thoughts. She lifted her eyebrows and gave me a small, silent shrug.

Crazy person.

I devoured my chili. It was spicy, just how I liked it. At some point during the meal, I recalled that I was a wild man, and mumbled a thanks to Paige with a filled mouth. Whether she heard me or not, I had no clue.

I loved chili.

After I was just finishing my third bowl, Dr. Eugene called my name.

Huh?” I looked up from my now scraped clean bowl to look at Dr. Eugene.

I’d like to talk to you after dinner,” Dr. Eugene said. “In my study.”

I slowly nodded. In his study? Creepy? Highly so.

On my fourth and final bowl, I slowed down my eating rate from inhaling to normal pace. Why did Dr. Eugene want to talk to me? Why is something I did during training? Maybe it was about my new found healing.

An elbow to my ribs stirred my from my contemplation. I looked up, and James’s face was staring at me. “Dinner’s over.”

What?” I looked down at my bowl, it still held a good ten spoonfuls left. “But I wasn’t done yet!”

Well you shouldn’t have been moping.” Paige shrugged as she stood up and took her bowl to the kitchen.

I gave another mournful look at my half-eaten bowl, then took it to the kitchen. I was about to leave the house, when I remembered that I was suppose to meet with Dr. Eugene in his study. Where even was his study?

I shrugged to myself and looked around the main room. On the far wall was a fancy double oak door, how I’d missed it before, I had absolutely no idea. The door was quite different from the other white painted doors.

I hesitated a moment, before I knocked on the doors. No answer. I cautiously opened the door a sliver, and poked my head in. Dr. Eugene was turned around, sitting on a giant leather chair, behind an oak desk, a cellphone to his ear. He had somehow not heard my knocking, apparently.

I slipped in, and pushed the door closed. It surprised me when the door closed with little more then a quiet click.

The only other seating in the room was a worn swivel chair, so I sat. I examined the room. Almost all the wall space was filled with bookshelves, though not many books occupied the spaces. Mostly the shelves held trinkets and awards that I couldn’t identify.

I turned my attention back to Dr. Eugene. He still had yet to notice me, so he was either completely oblivious, hard of hearing, or it was a seriously important phone call. I favored the latter.

Finally Dr. Eugene snapped his outdated phone closed, and turned to face me. His face showed no surprise at seeing me, so apparently he had known I was there. Or he was good at hiding his expressions. Both were most likely true.

Who were you talking to?” I asked conversationally.

None of your business,” Dr. Eugene retorted, though I could see as smile in his eyes. Not joy, but as if he were looking at a science fair project that was sure to win an A.

What did you want to talk to me about?” I asked.

In his tall backed chair and looming figure, Dr. Eugene towered over me and my lowered swivel.

I’m getting to that.”c5ae791bf120a8d8ecfc79ea8f443186

Despite my overpowered feeling, I wanted really badly to spin the chair in circles like I did at Aunt Carmen’s law firm when I had to go with her to work. The reminder of my family I left, brought a pang to my heart, but I brushed it off, before my face could betray what was happening in my heart and mind.

Well then get to it,” I responded, though I instantly regretted it.

But a small smiled played Dr. Eugene’s lips. “You’ve got spunk.”

As if he hadn’t noticed that in the near week I’d been here.

So what?”

“You need to get rid of it.”

So, guys, there you go! We’re back!! What do you think Dr. Eugene wants to talk about?Any other vegetarians out there? Anyone else ticked with Sawyer? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments in the comment section below! Bye!