Hey guys! Yeah, I know. I’m a day late. But I figure better late than never, right? Especially since y’all deserve it.

Anyways. Another short story, as is my habit for Mondays. 🙂 This one is about a little girl and the ghouls at her window. Enjoy and please comment your thoughts below!

(Also, “ghost” is more accurate than ghoul, but I still feel like the latter fits better, so, yeah. 😉 )

Raindrops ping against my window, as if little bullets were being shot at it.

I lay huddled under my blankets in my bed, not daring to move. The storm was scaring me. Thunder clapped outside, sending me pulling the blankets up higher on my head. Now just my eyes peeked out.

The curtains are like ghosts as they float about, sent into this motion by the radiator. The soft wraiths will attack me if I dare to move, so I hold still.

In the room next to mine, I hear Emeth. He is snoring, giving voice to the wraiths’ moaning.

Lightening flashes and thunder rumbles. Something moves outside.

Slowly, I peel back the blanket from my face with quivering hands. I sit up, equally as slow and shaky. I slip out of bed, and my cold feet hit the floor.

I inhale and creep to the window, stiffening my body to protect me from the swirling wraiths.

As I look out the window I see the garage’s flood lights flicker on. A hunched shape stalks just barely in reach of the light’s flickering beams.

The curtains tickle my bare legs, but I am now not very concerned of them.

Lightening flashes again, creating a scene from some kind of horror movie that my parents like to watch. Mere seconds later, the thunder sounds, completing the scene.

The lightening is getting closer and closer with every flash. My body quakes at the thought.

8251293125_4a65eeec62_bBut if there is a creeper outside, I shudder to think of what it would do to my tender-hearted twin Emeth. People always say that I’m the callous one out of the two of us, and I don’t really see myself as callous.

I rush to my closet, my socked feet padding against the floor. Quietly, I creak open the old closet door and blindly select what feels to be a rain jacket.

I push my arms through the designated holes, flip the hood on, and slip on some snow boots, though the winter’s first snow-fall has yet to come.

Keeping myself quiet, I lightly step down the hallway, first past Emeth’s room, then my parents; and finally in the family room.

As I stalk across the small, yet open area, it seems as if the shadows are about to pounce onto me, killing me before I have the chance to save my Emeth.

I make it to the back door – since the front half belongs to the other renters – and I unlock the back sliding doors. Luckily, the other lady renter is a bit of a clean freak, so the door shouldn’t make a sound and alert anyone of my goings.

I open the door, and for the first time, I wonder if the stranger is still even there, or if he even is a stranger. But I picture my brother’s face, and think that this is worth it.

After I successfully open the door with as little noise as possible, I slip outside.

The rain pelts to the ground, now intermixed with pea-sized hail balls. I flinch every time one falls to the cracked cement walkway.

I take a few hurried steps out – though I’m still under the protection of the house’s roof slant – before I remember to close the door.

Retracing my minuscule steps, I make it back to the door and shut it, though the cold and dampness is getting to me and the door closes not near as gently as before.

With the dull thud, I feel as if the glass is going to crack. I hold my breath, waiting for it to happen, but nothing does.

Relief floods over me and I turn back to face the detached garage, to see the lights peter out.

A little bit of alarm crosses over my heart at the thought of the new lack of light and all the ghouls that can now get me, but I steel myself and step out into the rain.

Droplets patter my hair down, and I can see some blonde wisps falling in my eyes. I don’t bother to move them. The raining peas seem to stop, which I’m glad for.

I feel the darkness pressing in on me, but I keep on going. Someone’s footsteps crunch other than my own. I don’t know if it’s the ghouls’ or the stranger’s.

My heart beat-beats inside my chest. The two of my clunky snow boots catch on a rock in the driveway and I stumble a few steps before I right myself.

My arms tingle and the hair on my arms stand up in uniform. At nearly the same time, lightening flashes and thunder booms. Light fills the sky and smoke hangs in the air. A tree was hit less than a mile from me.

I jump as a severely delayed reaction. The light seems to hang in the air and fire crackles.5db92405e2f11a1bb33373814fd6208c I see the stranger standing not but five feet to the right behind me. I spin on my heel, and the light vanishes again.

The ghouls start to crowd in around me. I can see the faint outline of my room’s wraiths by the strong, yet hard to see, glow of my night light.

Hands grab my arm, but I am too frightened to move. I shouldn’t have come out.

More lightening flashes, not quite as close, maybe a mile off again. The stranger – who I can see is a man – is grasping my right arm with both hands. He’s also wearing a rain jacket, though he has a beanie on his head and jeans on his legs.

I quiver. I’m frightened. I’m only wearing my PJ shorts and an old t-shirt, plus my rain jacket and snow boots. I feel piratically naked and frozen.

I can’t see his face, to see if I know him or not. His grip tightens on me. I glance towards my house, my only chance of safety. The room beside my wraith-filled one has a pale face sticking out between it’s own set of wraiths. I try to communicate to Emeth with my eyes, but we’re too far away.

He stares at me, and me at him. The stranger doesn’t seem to notice Emeth, seeming as he’s trying to pull me along.

Emeth’s face is paler than normal. He is too scared to do anything, and I don’t expect any help from him.

Hope y’all liked that! I know that it was quite fun to write this, what with the mysterious-ness going on (I know that you all know that I love those kinds of stories)! 😉 Comment below on if you liked it or not (which, of course, you did … right????), and if you think that the curtains really WERE ghouls/ghosts. See y’all!!