Hello, folks! Now, today we’re going to do something a little bit different. (Okay – not totally different … just infrequent.)

So some of you old-timers (hey;  I mean followers! 😉 ) with good memories may remember that I always had a favorite author for years (and still is pretty high up on my list!): Bryan Davis.

Yes, I’m sure you recognize that name. 😉


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Honestly, if this doesn’t scare you guys off (or give you a seizure), than I don’t know what will!

BUT. Don’t leave yet!!! I’m doing a book review for you today. A superhero book review (so, of course, there will be superhero gifs … I mean, why not??? Yeah, I’m not actually asking. So don’t answer.) for Mr. Davis’s new MG novel (it released just a little bit ago, so you can go get it now!).


Okay, okay. I’m done with parentheses. JK. I’m never done.

Anyways. The book is Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World: a MG superhero contemporary. Written (obviously) by Mr. Bryan Davis.

Let’s go; vamos!

(Wait, wait, wait. I’m not done talking yet! You can find my interview from a few months back RIght ||here|| and all of my reviews for Mr. Davis’s other books right ||here||.)

(Aaand all of the blog tour and book info will be at the bottom. Thanks! NOW we may begin!)

What I liked:

Okay, so Eddie doesn’t act like an adult!! And not like a four year old, either! That’s the problem that I mostly have with MG books. But Eddie seemed perfectly normal for a twelve year old (I have one of those as a brother…) who’s MATURE. But believable!!

Still speaking of Eddie… I just loved him! There were a lot of times where he seemed like me, and he was very relatable. And his relationship with Sam (his lil’ sis) was just … adorable! He was definitely a big brother character … and my favorite. 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

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And I … I don’t know. There was just this hidden element that I liked. Maybe it was how Eddie needed help to “save the world,” or how he was a hero …. without being a hero. Maybe it was Prince the cat (I honestly can’t remember his name), or maybe it was just how light, and yet how real, this book was.

Reading this book, time just flew by! I really enjoyed it! Definitely light when it needed to be, but could still give a little punch. 😉


Eddie. He was our MC, narrating in the first. As I already said, I just found Eddie really relatable and overall a good narrator. He was smart … but not too smart. And he could be really charming, while still retaining his kiddish age. It was just sweet. ❤

Image result for wonder woman gifAnd next, we have Sam. Ah, Sam. She’s Eddie’s little sister, and she’s quite an endearing pain. She’s a good mix between being that annoying little sister that we see through Eddie’s eyes, and the superhero girl-wonder that is still obsessed with princesses. And while I did find her annoying, it mostly went along with her character, and she made quite the good sidekick.

Honestly, I didn’t really like the mom. She had one personality from the beginning, but it changed about half-way through, and that really bothered me. But she was still a good mom to Eddie and Sam, so for that, I respect her.

Mephisto … okay, so, like, um, yeah. He honestly wasn’t in it too much. He wasn’t my favorite villain ever, but he fit the bill for what this book was needing.


Image result for black widow gifOkay, so something cool that I like about Mr. Davis is how he can write across so many genres, and still make them all so epic. Now, I usually prefer his fantasy books, but overall, his writing is quite adaptable (I looked up the other word that I was going to use there, and it didn’t mean the same thing. So oops.). And in this book, it really shows. It is written in a fashion for a younger audience, while still being able to captivate a high schooler (me!). And everything just flowed so well.

And the magic number is 53.

Something that I really liked about the plot, was how Eddie was reluctant. He didn’t have a solve-it-all solution. He didn’t become a kick-butt superhero just-like-that. No. He had to work for it, and did he even reach success? I dunno. Maybe. But it was just cool to see that.


I didn’t really understand Gilbert and his involvement all too well. I mean, I get it, but I … didn’t? Ya know? I also thought that sometimes things were a little convenient – but thankfully not too much. Lastlydidn’tin’t really get Milligan, either. He seemed kinda thrown in there to me.

I also would have liked to have seen more of Mephisto and Damocles (not necessarily together … but who am I kidding, an awesome fight scene would have been AMAZING), but neither were very prominent in the book.


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Awesome gif, huh?



Hey! Hey! Hey! Guess what? Guess what?? THERE IS NO ROMANCE. I REPEAT, THERE IS NO FREAKING ROMANCE. Not one single drop.

I know what you’re all saying to me right now: “But Alyssa, it’s a MG book, of COURSE there’s no romance.” Aha, my non-reader friend. That is where you are wrong.

This book doesn’t even have a SPECK of romance! And here we thought that it was impossible!! 😀

Okay, but seriously. The action/fighting in this was pretty good for a MG, meaning description of fighting (and of course there’s that in a SUPERHERO novel) but still apporopriate for the youngesters.

No language or any other kind of conetent.Image result for funny hawkeye gif

So, basically what I’m saying is, GO READ THIS BOOK, GOSH DARNIT. It is soooo goood, even if you aren’t in the projected age range! I highly recommend this to all of you (even if you aren’t *gasp* a fan of supeheroes), now shoo! Go! Read this now!!!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

P.S. Sorry for ths review being so late! My computer decided to take a shower and the keys don’t want to work … thanks, computer. >:D

The Book:

Eddie Hertz is smart, real smart. He has to be. What other twelve-year- old patrols the streets of Nirvana alone, hoping to foil the schemes of the evil Mephisto? Since Eddie is small for his age, he trusts in his Batman-style gadgets belt and acrobatic skills as well as lots of experience, like knowing how to swing across dark alleys without being seen.

Eddie has a dream, to become like Damocles, Nirvana’s great superhero. To make that dream come true, Eddie invented a device that is supposed to give him superpowers, but using it on himself is dangerous, maybe even fatal. He doesn’t have the nerve to try it.

When Mephisto unleashes an earthquake machine on the city, Eddie gets a surprising teammate — his quirky eight-year- old sister, Samantha, who comes up with an unexpected way to help Eddie in the frantic battle to prevent the biggest earthquake of all.

Since Damocles has lost his ability to help in physical form, Eddie and Samantha are the only hope for Nirvana and the world.



The Author:

Bryan Davis is the author of several bestselling series, including Dragons in Our Midst and the Reapers Trilogy, speculative fiction for youth and adults. Bryan and his wife, Susie, work together as an author/editor team to create his imaginative tales.

Website – Book Purchase Site – Facebook Page – Blog

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Thank you, Mr. Davis, for the book (all opinions are my own … etc.)! I really liked it!!! And thanks to all of you who actually made it this far into my post! Bye! ❤

Whew! It took quite a while (and two computers!!) to write that post!! So. Guys. How’d ya like it?? Have you read this book (doubt it … since it’s pretty new…) or do you plan to? Are you a superhero fan??? And if so, please tell me which one! I happen to like Nightcrawler… 😉 anyways, thanks again for reading this, and best of luck in the giveaway! See ya!!