Hello guys! Yes, yes. I know. This zombie has finally risen from the grave. After eight months of being dead. My deepest apologizes.

But this post serves two purposes! So don’t leave just yet!

1) I have an announcement! So that’s cool!

2) Writefury tagged me and I know that there have been a few new peeps following me since my death (hey friends – you’re pretty cool!) so you may as well get to know me!

So yeah. The announcement! Every Friday this Month (October) I will be posting part of a short blog serial. That’s four serials, so four sections. That’s not that much, right? So if you get behind by a week or two, no big deal! It may also not be done by the end of this month – I’m only about half-way done writing it, so I’m not sure yet. But we’ll deal with that when we get to it. What’s it about, though?

It was originally a Little Mermaid retelling (but, like, a mix of the Disney version and of the classic, so you’re welcome). It’s kinda evolved from that, but I’d still call it a retelling. Basically, we have Shira – Ariel – who is the middle daughter of the king and queen and is ambitious, but also pretty quiet (heh, certainly not basing her off of me! lol) and it kinda just follows her after things happen (!!) and she meets a boy (!!) and learns of a whole new world (!!). (yah – I’m aware that that’s a Aladdin reference) So it’s pretty cool. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and I’m hoping that you will, too!

(i also am lowkey hoping for this short, month-long story serial to be a regular thing … so please show me support and read/like/comment/give ideas to keep this going – specifically my motivation! 😍 )

Now! Onto the tag! So as I said, Writefury tagged me (thanks!! ❤ ). It is the Liebester tag, which I’ve already done. But so what. Now my questions and answers!

(Da rules:

The drill for this one is just to answer the eleven questions, ask eleven of my own and nominate eleven peeps.

(^) Taken from Rosey, herself, because yas, girl! Way to explain!)

If you were a food, what food would it be?

A poisoned strawberry, methinks.

Story that you read over and over again?

Books? Um, Percy Jackson (obviously), The Selection, Splintered, Narnia, Dragons in Our Midst, and I have a feeling Worm.

Something that never fails to make you laugh?

Stupid, stupid puns. Bad dad jokes. Just jokes in general. (Like seriously, guys. I have a problem. Please help. XD )

Also being tickled. Because, um, yeah. Me = ticklish.

When other people laugh.

Oh, and this is a big one: when I’m in trouble. Or when people stare at me (which then people think that I am guilt???).

Fictional character that you really identify with and why?

Lara Jean Covey from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. And you know what, guys? I actually made a list, if I could just find it… But basically, we are both funny and process things in a very similar way. And we both bake, read + knit. Yes, we are all but twins.

As for something from a film, I’d have to go with Sherlock Holmes from the RDJ Sherlock Holmes movies. (yes, guys, those old movies from 2010-something that was way back before Benedict Cumberbatch) For those of you into Cognitive Functions (or MBTI), we are both INTPs. If you find one INTP, we are all basically the same. But just a lot of his little quirks and, again, how he processes stuff and how he poisons his friend’s dog on a daily basis. You know.

(An honorable mention for this list is Mycroft Holmes from the Every series. Again, an INTP. Again, a Sherlock. Man, I have a type. 😛 )

Favorite song at this moment?

A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman

A really good thing that you think more people should know about?

Sad music. Reading is great. Don’t be greedy; donate money. (To me?? I’m poor) My new blog serial, heh heh.

Topic that you find yourself rambling about the most?

Extragalactic astronomy and dark matter.

(disclaimer: i really know nothing about these two topics, so. lol)

Also: how I don’t overthink things … but do I? No. But… (thanks, Big Sis, for listening to these long ramblings XD )

Piece of advice you would give to younger kids?

A picture that you think is really pretty?


(not sure who to give credit to for these pictures … so sorry!)


Favorite and least favorite vegetables?

Canned green beans (from my aunt’s garden, from a store – I ain’t particular). I really don’t have a least favorite veggie. I happen to like to eat Bob and Larry.

If you could choose, what genre of story would you make your life? (feel free to mash together genres)

Surprisingly, not Fantasy. I’d have to go with Magical Realism an Thriller.

Yes, guys, I am insane. >:D

(And as always, I’m not adding questions or tagging people, so just feel free to steal from me and from Rosey!)

Yay! Now you know everything there is to know about me!!!!

But while I still have you here, for my story serial (ya – still talking about that!) I have a Youtube playlist for you to listen to (I’m still adding to it, so please be patient 🙂 ) and a Pinterest board that I just ❤ ❤ ❤ Check them out and come back every Friday; muchas gracias!!!