Hey!! So. This is awkward.

I’m sure that – at least I hope – you have been reading my serial story (Shira). And if you have, you’ll have noticed that I haven’t updated it for a good, long while. Well.

This, in part, was due to me being sick the last week of October. I forgot to check if I had scheduled the post. Aha. Turns out that I didnt.

NOW. My computer died. It finally did. Turned off and won’t turn on. I’ve been using my sister’s computer for school and NaNo, but all of my work is on the dead computer. I should be getting a new one soon(ish). Thanks to my dad, I should probably be able to get the memory from it…

So when I get a new computer I’ll get back to posting.

Thank you so much for reading Shira and encouraging me! I love you all! (And sorry that this update is so short … I’m writing it on my phone, haha) 😄