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I am not creepy. And you shouldn't be, either. So you shouldn't want to know about me.

One Year

  "I have one year to live." Harley looks at me, and I can't interpret his look. I just have to be honest, though. It is only our third month dating, but I feel like I owe him this, I... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal

Hey guys!!! Happy June! 😀 Today I'm doing something slightly different. Okay. I've done this before. But whatever. 😛 Today I'm doing a cover reveal for ... 😉 LIGHTPORTER BY C.B. COOK!!!!! (This book is second in the IDIA series... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone! So ... sorry about the lack of posts. Life, ya know? (Sick, dance, procrastination, etc.) But today I have an interesting post! I've been working on it for a while now (a bunch of months, actually), but here... Continue Reading →


  "So what am I doing?" I ask, clasping my hands behind my back. I hope that my nervousness isn't showing through my shaking fingers. Dr. Cornell continues to march at a clipped pace down the hall. He doesn't seem... Continue Reading →


Minions - so we meet again. Anyways. Sorry about disappearing on all of you! I feel SO, SUPER BAD. I've had some rough emotional past few weeks, but ALAS! IT IS OVER. Today I'm doing a writer tag that Cait... Continue Reading →

Beautiful People – Couples/Friendship Edition

Heey guys! So, as some of you guys know, it's NaNo month. So in honor of that, I'm doing a Beautiful People from February - Couples Edition. Now, I searched and searched AND SEARCHED, and yet could not find any... Continue Reading →

The Ghouls at the Window

Hey guys! Yeah, I know. I'm a day late. But I figure better late than never, right? Especially since y'all deserve it. Anyways. Another short story, as is my habit for Mondays. 🙂 This one is about a little girl... Continue Reading →

Guess What? (#25 BR)

Well, guys, I'm finally posting another BR!!! Yay!! New? Broken Reflections is my blog serial that follows a teenage boy who just discovered a world of superheroes. You can find all of the previous parts HERE. Yes, there are 24... Continue Reading →

An Italian Tale

I pace my room. Run my fingers through my heavily greased hair. Sit down on my bed. Begin to pace the stone floor again. It's no use. The curtains are drawn to a near close, the small sliver between the... Continue Reading →

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