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Hey!! So. This is awkward. I'm sure that - at least I hope - you have been reading my serial story (Shira). And if you have, you'll have noticed that I haven't updated it for a good, long while. Well.... Continue Reading →

Interviewing Lincoln Chase (My Book Character)

Yeah, I know, I've been gone for a while. *hangs head in shame* But I've got a post for you today that I really enjoyed doing! Now, it's not goofy or anything, but it's deep, and that's better ... right?... Continue Reading →

Blog Tour: Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World

Hello, folks! Now, today we're going to do something a little bit different. (Okay - not totally different ... just infrequent.) So some of you old-timers (hey;  I mean followers! 😉 ) with good memories may remember that I always... Continue Reading →

Edward (yes – a rather bland title, isn’t it?)

Aaaah, I can breathe again! I've been gone (remember this funny little thing called an eclipse??) and I just got back a day or so ago. Lovely. Family time is the death penalty always fun. Anyways. I have a short... Continue Reading →


Hello. Um, first off, let me say sorry (especially to Jaye!!!!). This post was suppose to be up yesterday. My excuse(s)? I ended up having to work yesterday, and than I caught my little siblings' cold, and had to take... Continue Reading →

One Year

  "I have one year to live." Harley looks at me, and I can't interpret his look. I just have to be honest, though. It is only our third month dating, but I feel like I owe him this, I... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal

Hey guys!!! Happy June! 😀 Today I'm doing something slightly different. Okay. I've done this before. But whatever. 😛 Today I'm doing a cover reveal for ... 😉 LIGHTPORTER BY C.B. COOK!!!!! (This book is second in the IDIA series... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone! So ... sorry about the lack of posts. Life, ya know? (Sick, dance, procrastination, etc.) But today I have an interesting post! I've been working on it for a while now (a bunch of months, actually), but here... Continue Reading →


  "So what am I doing?" I ask, clasping my hands behind my back. I hope that my nervousness isn't showing through my shaking fingers. Dr. Cornell continues to march at a clipped pace down the hall. He doesn't seem... Continue Reading →

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