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Ocean Eyes

OH MY GOODNESS, GUYS. I opened up my blog this morning (after the weekend), and lo and behold, I saw that I have ONE HUNDRED AND FREAKING FOUR FOLLOWERS. That's, like, six or so more followers than before! You guys... Continue Reading →

Training – BR

Ha, yes! I'm still alive! Saywer's still alive! All of them are! (For now.) Here I am with the twenty-third installment of Broken Reflections, my superhero origin story serial! Please enjoy! (All the parts are listed HERE, and I hope... Continue Reading →


Jemma tromped along her room, stuffing odds and ends of clothes into her dad's duffel bag. And, of course, a couple books. Or seven. As much as Jemma was excited to go to Jurassic World with her friends, she was not a... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Pizza (Broken Reflections)

Today I have a shorter part for you all of Broken Reflections, but whatever! I've been giving you all longer bits recently! So there. Anyways. I hope that you all like today's! Nothing TOO interesting yet... (New? Click HERE for... Continue Reading →

Powers Explained

So this uber exciting post is just ... me explaining the powers that you've stumbled across so far, if you've kept up to date  with my fun superhero serial story Broken Reflections (which I conveniently have the link to right... Continue Reading →

Superpowers Continued ~ BR

I'm real original with titles, am I right? Ha. As IF. Anyways, sorry, but I thought that on Friday night I had posted this. Buuuut apparently not. And I did not see that until this afternoon. Well great. Anyways, this... Continue Reading →

Powers Revealed ~ Broken Reflections #20 ~ OH MY GOODNESS

Hello, meu amigos! I am back with the TWENTIETH part of Broken Reflections! Good gracious, that's a lot! (New? Want to catch up? Click HERE to read the rest of the parts!! Also, if you wanted to start at this... Continue Reading →

Not the most original, but…

Sorry, friends, no Broken Reflections today! I was going to ... promise ... but I know that a lot of my followers don't read it, so I'm giving you another stand-alone story! (Not exactly a short story...) Back when Rooglewood... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Books (A.K.A. Ramblings on My Writing)

I'm back with another Beautiful Books!!! This is TECHNICALLY suppose to be on editing your first drafts, but I haven't gotten there yet, so I'm just kind of rambling about my different novels. I hope that you all enjoy! (And... Continue Reading →

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