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Hello everyone!!! So ... I have an awesome friend who gave me the chance to do somehting amazing ... but more on that in a second. I'm certain that you've all - no matter who you are - know about... Continue Reading →

I am Forced to Pick a Favorite Book (thanks a lot, Gabriela)

Hey everybody!!! How's it going? So. Yep. I ¬†am forced to pick a favorite book due to Gabriela. I was tagged for a tag called the Bookish Book Lover tag (I did it on my other blog over here a... Continue Reading →

A Post Wherein I am Involved in Another Book Tour of Awesomeness

Hello everyone! So, today I'm participating in a book tour for a book that I got to beta and is actually my favorite book that I've read this year (other then some rereads)! I hope you enjoy this post, and... Continue Reading →


Hey guys! I'd just like you all to know: I'm not dead! Well, I may be. But somehow I'm still typing... Anyways. I just came back from church camp - which was amazing, by the way! It was my sixth... Continue Reading →

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