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Hello everyone!!! So ... I have an awesome friend who gave me the chance to do somehting amazing ... but more on that in a second. I'm certain that you've all - no matter who you are - know about... Continue Reading →

Interview With the Infinite Knowledge of Plants

Hi everyone! Today I'm apart of something that author Kendra E. Ardnek is doing: Five Years of Bookania and Seven Years of Blogging. (Kendra's blog HERE.) I'm am interviewing one of her characters today!!!! Now, for the interview with Miss... Continue Reading →

A Post Wherein I am Involved in Another Book Tour of Awesomeness

Hello everyone! So, today I'm participating in a book tour for a book that I got to beta and is actually my favorite book that I've read this year (other then some rereads)! I hope you enjoy this post, and... Continue Reading →

What’s today? It’s a surprise!!! (Hint, there’s an interview!)

Hello everyone! So, I bet none of you (except my sister, whom I told two days ago) know what today is. Well, it's Wednesday (and that is pronounced wed-ness-day)! The 27th! My first blogiversary! Yes, yes, let the congratulations roll in,... Continue Reading →

You get to learn more about Sawyer!!

Dies ist Deutsch. Kann das jemand lesen? Dies kann völlig falsch " Caus Ich verwende Google übersetzen. Well, that was German! If you can read that, you're brilliant! But I used Google translate, so it MAY be kinda wrong... Anyways,... Continue Reading →

Morgan Huneke Interview

Hello everybody! Today I get to interview the lovely Morgan Huneke, author of many amazing books which you can check out here. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did! With out further ado, the interview!! 1.... Continue Reading →

Interview with Morgan Elizabeth Huneke

So just a bit ago (aka, a few moments ago) I posted the cover reveal to The Crossways, Morgan's upcoming book. Well this post (as said in the title) is my interview with her. 😀 So here you go everyone!! My... Continue Reading →

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