Hey everyone! So … sorry about the lack of posts. Life, ya know? (Sick, dance, procrastination, etc.)

But today I have an interesting post! I’ve been working on it for a while now (a bunch of months, actually), but here it is!

I have picked two songs (which was hard in both regards of too little and too much) for each of the main Broken Reflections characters (one of them, Alex, isn’t in it a whole bunch. BUT. She was in a short story that I wrote! I challenge you to find it. 😉 😉 ). This is going on from their earlier personalities. If you’ve been keeping up with BR, then some of the characters like Alla and Colleen Ada have been developed a little more since then. But whatever.

Each song was chosen for either their lyrics, or because the song’s sound/feel was just … right.

Anyways. Enjoy!




(Here’s a clean version, but if you want to watch the music video – which I love – the link is HERE. The song has two instances of b***s***)


Colleen Ada

(Note: The song below DOES have one case of using hell)