Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting much of Mirrors, but NaNo and the little school (and a lot of Studio C 😛 ) I’ve been doing has been quite consuming. But anywho! I am here with part nine of your favorite blog serial (well, with the exception of Twinepathy 😉 ).

You can find the rest of the parts here.


As soon as I remembered, I jumped out of bed. Then I cautiously walked to the window, afraid of what I might see. The small hand knocked a fourth time and I steeled my nerves to look out the window.

When I did, I saw Clara’s small face looking up, and relief flooded through me. I hurriedly opened the window and Clara climbed in.

What were you standing on?” I asked immediately.

There was a ledge there,” Clara responded matter-of-factly.

Oh. Well, what are you doing here?” I asked uncertainly.

Isn’t it obvious?” When I shook my head she continued. “I need your help.”

You seem fine to me.”
Seem. I’m actually being held captive.”

Then how are you here?” For being a very smart little girl, she wasn’t so smart.

Fear took over Clara’s face, but it quickly left. “I can’t explain now, but I need you to save my world.”

I can’t save you, let alone your world. You know what? You’re not even real. You’re just a figment of my imagination.”

Horror came on Clara’s face, and this time the emotion stayed showing. “But … I need you. My world needs you! You can’t just abandon us! Not after everything that’s happened.”

I’m sorry Clara. But you’re not real. Your world’s not real. Face it.” With that, I climbed back in bed and closed my eyes. Sure I felt bad about exploding at Clara; but in my defense, she wasn’t real.

I dared to take a look to see if she was still there, and she wasn’t. But now Alice was at my side.

Who was here? I heard you talking to some one.”

I was just talking to myself.” I took the bottled water that Alice was handing to me. I opened the cap and took a long, cool drink. “Thanks, Alice.”

Alice nodded in response. I took a look into her eyes and saw hesitation and worry.

What’s wrong?” It was a stupid question. I, her cousin who lived with her, was laying in a hospital bed with a scary injury caused by a strange phenomenon.

It’s just that … It’s just that I heard my parents talking. And they were talking about having you see a psychiatrist. And … it scared me,” Alice burst out. Tears were welling in her eyes. “Every since you came with those weird scars and the glass in your skin, the doctors have been having a video camera on you.” Alice pointed to a corner where I noticed a very small camera for the fist time. She sniffed then continued. “Last night they saw you talking to yourself, not Gollum style, but just one side of the conversation. So Mom asked me to come and see what was wrong.”

I swallowed. Alice was getting all emotional now, something that rarely happened with her, and my Aunt and Uncle and all the doctors thought that I was crazy. I thought that I was crazy. What was happening?

Sawyer, are you alright?” Alice asked. A few tears were now coursing down her cheeks. “A-are you really going crazy?”

I honestly don’t know.” I pulled my knees to my chest and buried my face between my knees.

After that, we both were silent. After a few moments, Alice phone went off, using her familiar Hedwig’s Theme ring tone.

It’s Mom. I have to take this,” Alice said. She quietly stepped out into the hall.

I sat in my bed, once again alone. I was paranoid that Clara would show up  and that the camera would catch my one sided conversation again.

So what did you all think? What’s going on with Sawyer?? Let me know in the comments! I love to hear what you all think!! 🙂